Ubwiki exists to help you study in peace. This is the central objective of all Ubwiki tools, different but complementary, each seeking to make it easier for you to study.

Ubwiki's “courses” are collaborative (like Wikipedia) and especially suitable for compiling content related to civil servant exams.

On Ubwiki topical pages you can also take private notes. Thus, your notes are created already pre-classified and pre-organized according to the body of content you want to study. It is impossible to be thus organized with this little effort. Using Ubwiki, you don't have to spend a single minute creating an annotation organizing system.

Ubwiki does much more than that, but honestly, the best way to become familiar with this system is to use it. Good luck with your studies!

About your office

In your office, you will find the artifacts that result from your studies in the other areas of Ubwiki. For example, articles you wrote, study notes, pages marked as studied, your participation in forums and others.

Also in your office you can set a nickname, which will allow you to take part in the forum, as well as to those a combination of color and icon which will form your avatar.

And finally, in your office you can create pages and text documents. Pages can be turned into full-fledged courses, as long as they have a title and no sections.

About the courses

Courses are structures that contain and shape the information stored at Ubwiki. Courses are divided in modules containing topics, which are standard Ubwiki pages, capable of carrying a number of element types, such as images and videos, as well as study notes which are private to the users with access to it.

Courses can be shared in a number of ways: they can be limited to their authors or shared with a study group or individual. It is also possible to block other users from changing the course content, which is thus treated as an 'authored' work. In this way, something like a book can be fully written in Ubwiki, while making use of the forum for each page so that an engaged community can help the author realize his creative vision.

About the public library

In the library, users will find information about works of a number of types, such as books, movies, music records and the such. Library items added to your office will become a part of your personal collection.

Above all, we recommend users to write about books they read as a knowledge fixation method. To take part in a community effort to improve book summaries is possibly one of the best ways to study a book.

About the market

In the market, you will find information about all the marketable products connected with the content of Ubwiki courses, acting as a sort of classified section of a newspaper. Information about courses, teachers, coaches and the such can be freely included.

Access to private Ubwiki courses, which anyone can create, can also be sold in the market.